One in five ready meals now plant-based or vegetarian, survey shows

Susan S. Johnson

A fifth of ready meals sold by UK supermarkets are now plant-based or vegetarian and are the cheapest option at the majority of retailers, according to a survey.

a bunch of different vegetables on display in a store: One fifth of ready meals are now plant-based according to new research (Kirsty O’Connor/PA)

© Kirsty O’Connor
One fifth of ready meals are now plant-based according to new research (Kirsty O’Connor/PA)

Among the ready meal category, plant-based options are the fastest growing, up by 92% since the Eating Better alliance’s first survey in 2018.

The organisation named Aldi and Tesco as its two best performers for increasing their plant-based options by 175% and 103% respectively after surveying 2,743 ready meals across 10 UK supermarkets.

Tesco and

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PV Sindhu’s post-match snack bars and biryani as a treat

Susan S. Johnson

‘You are what you eat,’ they say. So, what exactly is it that makes a champion? We bring you a closer look into the diet of world badminton champion and Olympic silver medallist PV Sindhu.

What’s one meal you’re likely to eat over and over again during the week?

I eat rice daily, both for lunch and dinner. I have it with some veggies usually. So you could say rice is one meal I have most frequently.

One dish you like cooking for yourself?

I don’t really cook, to be honest. My mom takes care of that entirely.


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Nearly 200 years ago, the lectures of a celebrity vegetarian visiting Portland caused a riot

Susan S. Johnson

People across the United States were abuzz with talk of the Portland Graham riot in the summer of 1834, a time when vegetarian ideas were in vogue locally. The “Agitation,” as headlines in Boston, Philadelphia and Albany called it, was a violent mob that attacked the Temple Street Chapel, where celebrity vegetarian lecturer Sylvester Graham was giving his popular course on the “Science of Human Life.” Newspapers here and across the country had much to say about the riot but were left to wonder at its cause.

Was it Graham’s advice to eat whole wheat bread and skip animal-based foods?

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