23/04/2024 8:35 AM


Swing your Cooking

PV Sindhu’s post-match snack bars and biryani as a treat

‘You are what you eat,’ they say. So, what exactly is it that makes a champion? We bring you a closer look into the diet of world badminton champion and Olympic silver medallist PV Sindhu.

What’s one meal you’re likely to eat over and over again during the week?

I eat rice daily, both for lunch and dinner. I have it with some veggies usually. So you could say rice is one meal I have most frequently.

One dish you like cooking for yourself?

I don’t really cook, to be honest. My mom takes care of that entirely.

What’s a typical meal for you on match days during tournaments?

It’s usually rice with a non-vegetarian side. Chicken, most often.

Which is your favourite country to eat out in when you’re travelling for tournaments?

I’ve travelled to tons of countries and eaten out almost in all of them. I don’t have a clear favourite, though.

If you could introduce one Indian specialty dish to players from other countries, what would it be and why?

It would definitely have to be biryani. But it could be too spicy for people from other countries. I think a good way to introduce them to Indian food would be to get them to taste dishes cooked by my mom. I’m pretty sure they’ll love her curries.

If you could reward yourself with a cheat meal after a win, what would it be?

[Laughs] Junk food! Cakes, pastries, ice cream and chocolates.

What are the things you really love to eat but have been removed from your diet as part of a fitness regimen?

I like junk food but of course it’s not advisable to eat it often. Once in a while, I have biryani and burgers, a KFC or McDonald’s perhaps.

What helps you recover fast after a game? What is your favorite pre/post workout snack?

My three go-to items are bananas, protein shake and snack bars. Snack bars aren’t really a favourite but it’s important to replenish your energy after a match or an intense training session. I usually make it a point to eat something within half an hour after my match and then do my stretches and relax for a bit.

What sort of fast food is okay to eat as a professional athlete?

Almost everybody eats noodles. We also have spaghetti and pasta often. Of course it’s largely about the way they’re cooked, with maybe veggies and very little oil.