I’ve put my pregnant wife on a diet to help her lose weight once the baby comes, she wants me to do it too but I won’t

Susan S. Johnson

A DAD-to-be has been slammed after admitting that he’s put his wife on a bland diet so that she will lose weight when she gives birth.

Taking to Reddit, the bloke, 27 who works as a nutritionist and personal trainer, explained that he initially prescribed the diet to help with his 23-year-old wife’s morning sickness.

A dad-to-be has been slammed for putting his wife on a diet during her pregnancy


A dad-to-be has been slammed for putting his wife on a diet during her pregnancyCredit: Getty

He wrote: “She’s (my wife’s) being made to eat only green leafy vegetables, other veggies, rice, Indian flatbread, lentils and curd.

“My mom makes bland food

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Initiatives Gadget

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Get peace of thoughts in your subsequent street journey with the newest must-have gadget for your automotive, the JumpStart 3-in-1 Vehicle Jump Starter, Flashlight & Power Bank by Limitless. Any other Android system that is available in contact with the missing gadget will receive pings from it through Bluetooth. The gadget options an infrared sensor that can detect animals up to 60 feet away. Constructed of fibreglass, the four lobes of its cross-shaped plan housed a plethora of innovative devices although the design promoted the lifestyle of the normal family. The user must be the centre of focus to each … Read More

How vegetarian diets can be healthy for children

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Parents who are vegetarians frequently wonder whether a vegetarian diet is a healthy one for children. Let me get to the root of the matter and plant a few ideas with you on this topic.Do your homeworkThe key word in planning any diet for children is growth. Studies show infants and children can grow well on meatless vegetarian diets and even without some dairy products if they are placed on stricter vegan regimens. But you need to do vegetarian diet planning for your child working with your child’s health care professional and/or a nutritionist to make sure all the adequate … Read More

Burger King opens its first 100% vegetarian restaurant in Madrid

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This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process.

This week Burger King changed its profile picture on Twitter to what appeared to be its own logo with a misspelling. Instead of saying “Burger King” in the usual color palette, the image read ” Vurger King ” in green. Of course, the users of this network did not take long to point out the “mistake” that had been made.

Burger King España vía Twitter

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