MPs to go vegan for PETA India’s ‘World Environment Day’ campaign on June 5

Susan S. Johnson

a bowl of food sitting on top of a wooden table: MPs to go vegan for PETA India’s ‘World Environment Day’ campaign

MPs to go vegan for PETA India’s ‘World Environment Day’ campaign

On the occasion of World Environment Day which falls on June 5, several Members of Parliament (MPs) from various political parties will participate in an initiative by PETA India to go vegan, by forgoing meat, dairy and other animal-derived foods to create awareness among people to choose Earth-friendly foods.

Parliamentarians participating in the initiative are – Maneka Gandhi, MP from Pilibhit; Shafiqur Rahman Barq, MP from Sambhal; Bellana Chandra Sekhar, MP from Vizianagaram; Ajay Bhatt, MP from Nainital-Udhamsingh Nagar; Anuradha Chinta, MP from Amalapuram; Sunita Duggal, MP from Sirsa;

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32 vegetarian and vegan recipes to cook for Earth Day

Susan S. Johnson

More and more people are embracing the plant-based life — and for good reason.

Scientists and nutritionists alike find that eating habits in the Mediterranean diet and Planetary Health Diet have optimal benefits for both the body and the earth. Both styles of eating include hefty portions of vegetables, fruits and plant-based proteins like legumes and ancient grains, and little to no meat.

Whether you’ve been fully vegan for years and are looking for some new dishes to add to repertoire, eat vegetarian most days or eat meat every night and have no idea where to start, these straightforward

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Lamb Weston Chef provides food ideas for game day | Top Story

Susan S. Johnson

RICHLAND, WA – Super Bowl Sunday is on February 7, but let’s be honest, the real star of the show is the food.

Although the big game will look a little different because of COVID-19, there’s one thing that’s still the same: food.

Miguel Mendoza, a corporate chef at Lamb Weston created a fry board to compliment the game.

“It is something that goes great with wings and traditional food we all enjoy during the big game, so we wanted to bring an inspiration with a fry board,” Chef Mendoza said.

The main ingredient is french fries.

There’s also “sauces,

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Which city’s food wins game day?

Susan S. Johnson

For some folks, even die-hard football fans, Super Bowl food is as essential to game day as the game itself. And like many Floridians, Andy Hesman and Kenny Nadeau will be rooting for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this weekend. But when it comes to snacking, the two part ways, and voted quite differently in our city-centric Super Bowl Food Showdown.

Hesman, owner of AJ’s Press in Longwood, has Tampa roots. Years ago, he and his former business partner had a sandwich shop in Cigar City. Though it closed after sustaining serious damage during Hurricane Irma, its sister shop in Longwood

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