22/06/2024 9:56 PM


Swing your Cooking

Go green this St. Patrick’s Day with these healthy recipes

Dole Food Company is encouraging people to adopt a healthier, greener menu in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day.

As part of the company’s “Healthier by Dole” recipe series, Dole is encouraging everyone to “go green” both literally and nutritionally this March in honor of both St. Patrick’s Day and National Nutrition Month.

“Healthier by Dole” is a new series of nutritious, plant-forward menu substitutes to iconic dishes to be enjoyed during holidays and other eating occasions.

The program initiative, which kicked off last month with vegan tailgate recipes, is led by Dole’s nutrition and health communications manager, Melanie Marcus, RD, MA.

The latest “Healthier by Dole” menu includes 10 entrée, side dish, dessert and smoothie recipes that offer healthier versions of Irish favorites.
“Our ‘Healthier by Dole’ recipe series is about helping people make better meal and snacking choices on those eating occasions when nutrition can be the most challenging. At Dole, we’re out to prove that any holiday celebration can be fun, delicious and healthy at the same time,” said Marcus.

“From gluten-free and vegetarian versions of the classic Shepherd’s Pie to an Avocado ‘Shamrock’ Smoothie, we’re inviting families to make this year’s St. Patrick’s Day their healthiest, tastiest and greenest ever.”

Here are Dole’s St. Patrick’s Day and Go-Green Recipes for March:

Individual Turkey Sweet-Potato Shepherd’s Pie (Gluten-free):

Dole’s take on this beloved Irish staple entrée features DOLE® Sweet Potatoes and is also gluten-free!

Avocado “Shamrock” Smoothie (Vegetarian and Gluten-free):

Looking for a healthier drink that fits the green theme of St. Patrick’s Day? Try this delicious smoothie made with DOLE® Spring Mix, Tropical Gold® Pineapple and Avocados. 

Leprechaun Smoothie Bowl (Vegetarian and Gluten-free):

This Leprechaun-inspired bowl is the perfect way to get into the fun and healthy holiday spirit! 

Mushroom Lovers Shepherd’s Pie (Vegan and Gluten-free):

A gluten-free and vegan version of the classic Shepherd’s Pie loaded with DOLE® Mushrooms, Potatoes, Carrots, Celery, Cauliflower and more. 

Rainbow Smoothie (Vegetarian and Gluten-free):

The legend says that a pot of gold hides at the end of every rainbow! This smoothie is truly worth a pot of gold since it is filled with fruits and vegetables and is also vegetarian and gluten-free. 

Citrus Green Salad (Vegetarian):

Sweetness from the citrus and a slight crunch from the onion and nuts makes a pleased palate.

Fig & Greens Tart (Vegetarian):

Flavor combinations ignite in this savory vegetarian dish!

 Multi-Cooker Asparagus Risotto with Spinach-Broccoli Pesto (Vegetarian):

Go green and try Dole’s Asparagus Risotto with Spinach-Broccoli Pesto meal that is not only delicious but is also vegetarian. 

Spring Green Shoots (Vegan and Gluten-Free):

This salad is packed with green ingredients and made with DOLE® Baby Spinach, Arugula, Asparagus, Avocado, Raspberries, edamame and topped off with a sherry-lemon vinaigrette. 

Green Slimesicles (Vegetarian):

The perfect refreshing dessert to help celebrate and honor all things green for the Irish, green-themed holiday. 

Marcus also offers tips for practicing “living green” in a blog post on the Dole website, which includes a study that mentions how access to green environments can help decrease unhealthy cravings.

See Marcus’ “Green Does a Lot of Good” and other healthy-living articles on Dole’s blog at www.dole.com.