Three ways to reduce the carbon footprint of food purchased by US households

Susan S. Johnson
carbon footprint
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Most consumers want to make food purchases that are smart for their wallets, their health and the environment. And while switching to a vegetarian or vegan diet can lower one’s impact on greenhouse gas emissions, it may not be realistic or healthful for everyone. Now, researchers in ACS’ Environmental Science & Technology report three ways that Americans can reduce the carbon footprint of their food purchases, without requiring drastic dietary changes.

Getting food from farms to people’s plates contributes a sizeable portion of the global greenhouse gas emissions. And animals are inefficient at converting the

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How to cut the carbon footprint of food shopping: Ditch the snacks and ready meals

Susan S. Johnson

By comparing the grocery shopping of people in the US to recommended dietary guidelines, researchers found that reducing overconsumption could cut carbon emissions by a similar amount as going vegetarian


3 November 2021


Sweets and other snacks are bad for your carbon footprint

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Cutting snacks and pre-prepared meals from your diet may have as big an effect on your carbon footprint as going vegetarian, at least if you live in the US.

Hua Cai at Purdue University in Indiana and her colleagues analysed the grocery shopping of over 57,000 demographically representative people in

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The best TikTok food creators

Susan S. Johnson

It was only a matter of time until TikTok, the short-form video social media giant that launched to a global audience in 2018, would become another platform where food content would thrive.

YouTube proved in the early aughts that intimate, home-produced video content centered on food — from culture to preparation to history — had a market. Instagram followed suit with video clips and recipes in the comments; then came TikTok with its shorter, faster clips — oftentimes rougher or more zoomed-in to ensure you could see what

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