How to Make a Plant-Based Diet Complete

Plant-based diets are a way to support nutrition, the environment and animal health. But even if you reduce or phase out animal products from your plate in favor of vegetables, fruits and nuts, you might still be missing a key ingredient that makes plant-based diets complete: whole grains.

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Here are three key reasons why whole grains are an essential component of a balanced plant-based diet.

Whole Grains for Your Plant-Based Diet

Whole Grains Offer a Nutritional Boost
Any time food groups are eliminated, it’s important to make every ingredient count, and plant-based diets are no exception.

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Ask the Doctors: A proper vegan diet will cause no harm | Lifestyles

Dear Doctor: Is a vegan diet totally safe and healthy? I have a daughter and granddaughter who are eating a vegan diet, and I am worried. What can’t they eat? Are they getting all of the vitamins and minerals and protein that they need? Any information you have is welcome.

Dear Reader: Vegan diets have gained in popularity in recent years. Considering that the majority of people in the U.S. are more familiar with a diet that includes meat, seafood and dairy products, your trepidation about your daughter and granddaughter embarking on a plant-based diet is understandable. We’re happy

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