Vegans are less likely to get severe COVID: study says

Vegetarians are missing out on more than just meat — and it’s a good thing.

Researchers have revealed a link between diet and COVID-19 which showed plant-based eaters were 73% less likely to come down with the virus compared to those who include animals in their diet. Meanwhile, pescatarians, whose primary protein source is fish, were at a 59% lower risk.

The new study, published in the BMJ Nutrition, Prevention & Health, based these findings on a self-reported questionnaire submitted by a total of 2,884 individuals, all health-care workers, from six European countries, 568 of which had had

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Vegan diets in children may bring heart benefits but pose growth risks

Children on vegan diets have a healthier cardiovascular profile and less body fat than their omnivore peers, but the diets may affect growth, bone mineral content and micronutrient status, according to researchers from UCL and the Children’s Memorial Health Institute in Warsaw.

The peer-reviewed study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, also found that children following vegetarian diets had a lower risk of nutritional deficiencies compared to the omnivores, but a less healthy cardiovascular profile.

For the study, 187 healthy five- to 10-year-olds in Poland were recruited in 2014-2016. Of those, 63 children were vegetarians, 52 vegans

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