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Swing your Cooking

‘Healthy’ and ‘natural’ always the focus at Harvest Health Foods

HUDSONVILLE, Mich. — Even though the three Harvest Health Foods stores were allowed to stay open during the pandemic due to their classification as grocery stores, they made options available to assure the safety of customers. The leading option is Harvest Cart.

“We actually launched it last winter, which was perfect timing,” says company president Mitchell Nol as he stands inside the Hudsonville store, surrounded by organic groceries and natural products. “It’s just a really great alternative for people that don’t want to come into the store and shop.

“If you’re immune-compromised, it’s a perfect way to get all the essentials that you need.”

Harvest Health’s entire inventory is online, and curbside pickup of orders is available.

We’re Open: Locally sourced organic foods at Harvest Health Foods

“We really put the safety of our employees and customers on the front,” Nol adds. “we were blessed to be one of the businesses to be able to stay open this entire time.”

The locally owned stores “buy as much local as we can (to) support the local economy and the local businesses,” Nol notes.

And the kind of groceries and other products the stores sell sets them apart: “We try to carry as many organic products as possible. We have the choice from non-organic or organic, we’ll always choose the organic side of things.” Even non-food items are chosen for their clean sourcing and natural ingredients.

Harvest Health Foods:

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