Top Asian restaurants in Oslo to try at least once!


Regional Asian Cuisines and their Characteristics | TigerChef
​​There is a wide variety of Asian cuisine, and different regions and countries within Asia have unique food traditions and flavors. Some common ingredients in Asian cuisine include rice, noodles, soy sauce, ginger, garlic, and various herbs and spices. Generally, Asian cuisine tends to be flavorful and often spicy, emphasizing fresh ingredients and a balance of flavors.

Recently, it has been a trend towards healthy and sustainable Asian cuisine, emphasizing plant-based ingredients and traditional cooking methods. There has also been a growing interest in regional and lesser-known Asian cuisines and fusion cuisine that combines elements of different Asian culinary traditions. And these cuisines can be found easily in Norway, too, as there are many top Asian food restaurants.

4 Best Asian Restaurants in Oslo, Norway 

Once you know the type of cuisine you’re looking for, you can use a search engine or directory service like Yelp to find Asian restaurants in Oslo that serve that type of cuisine. You can then read reviews and ratings from other diners to get an idea of the quality of the food and service at each restaurant. Other factors to consider when choosing a restaurant include the location, price range, and atmosphere. In addition, you can read customer reviews on legitimate platforms like where you can also find a variety of restaurants to choose from.

Asian Box

In case you want to try something different from Norwegian food and drinks, Asian box can be your go-to place to try out authentic Asian food. The Asian box restaurant is a type of restaurant that serves Asian-inspired dishes in a take-out or grab-and-go format. It typically offers healthy and flavorful dishes, using fresh ingredients and bold flavors. The food is often provided in a compartmentalized box, with different dishes and flavors in each compartment. It has a variety of dishes, including rice bowls, noodle bowls, salads, and dumplings. Some famous words at Moreover include sushi, ramen, teriyaki chicken, and spring rolls.

Made in India by Aahar

With a lot of vegan options and Gluten free variety, this place has much to offer. It’s an Indian-Inspired restaurant where you can eat street food and excellent dishes of authentic taste. Their mission, as they claim, is to spread the excellent taste of Indian cuisine in Oslo.

Asia Aker brygge

Aker Brygge is a popular waterfront area in Oslo, Norway. It is known for its shopping, dining, and entertainment options, attracting many visitors each year. They have special seating arrangements like outdoor, highchairs, wheelchairs, full bar, etc.

Dim Sum By Taste Of China 

Dim sum is tiny dishes served on bamboo plates and baskets, along with the unique Chinese meal Yum Cha, which refers to drinking tea. This restaurant provides Cantonese cuisine. They claim that their food touches customers’ hearts.

Final Verdict 

Asian food restaurants in Norway often offer various dishes to suit different tastes and preferences. Some popular dishes at Asian restaurants include sushi, ramen, teriyaki chicken, spring rolls, and dumplings.

When choosing among Asian restaurants in Oslo, there are a few factors you may want to consider. First, think about the type of Asian cuisine you’re in the mood for. Do you like Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, or a different kind of Asian food?

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