Tips for a Great Destination Party

A milestone special occasion should be something to remember. Increasingly, people are considering traveling to a unique destination to mark their celebratory events.

Destination weddings have long been popular, but more and more people are traveling for milestone birthdays, bachelor parties, hen parties, and anniversaries.

Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering at the beach or a mountainside grand family meet-up, there’s plenty to consider when planning a party.

5 Tips For a Great Party

Make a Planning Team

Never try to accomplish all the planning tasks by yourself. 

Organizing a party on your own is challenging enough, but throw in the extra element of planning a celebration away from home, and you could be biting off more than you can chew.

So, consider making a planning team where each person has specific responsibilities to take care of, whether booking accommodation, organizing fun and games, sending invites, making decorations, or getting in the food. Different-sized events will have various tasks, but you shouldn’t try to do it all alone no matter the event size.

Know Your Budget

When planning any event, there is a risk of costs escalating out of control. 

That’s why it’s a great idea to budget your destination party before you get into the intricacies – have an idea of what you are willing to spend, bearing in mind the extra costs for things like traveling to the location and potentially renting a villa, log cabin, or chalet for your accommodation.

Obviously, each celebration is different, so lay out the various elements of your party and think about where you might be willing to splurge and where you want to be a little more thrifty. For instance, you may want to save on food costs but want to splash out on hiring some kind of entertainment.

Give Guests Notice

Giving guests enough time to make arrangements is vital for any destination party – you can’t expect guests to drop everything and jump on a plane or drive hours at short notice.

Send “save the date” announcements as soon as you have a date and place — ideally months in advance — even if you’re unsure of exact details.

Have an Unexpected Element

This is one for personal preferences, but the most memorable parties have an unexpected element. 

Depending on the tone of your celebration, search for unique activities that people may not be used to seeing at parties. 

Create a lasting memory by making this a surprise – perhaps an unannounced guest for the guest of honor, a unique gift, or a left-field party activity.

Order in Food

When you’re traveling away for a destination party, you may rent a party location. There is an option to cater the party, of course. However, another option is to order groceries ahead of time to cook your own food. 

Instacart is a delivery app that lets you order your groceries from various local stores to your location with a quick and easy service.

What’s more, use this Instacart promo code to get $5 off your order. 

You can save a little money while taking the stress out of heading out to the store to buy food for the party.

This is an excellent option for those wanting that feel of home-cooked food for their destination party. 

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