Healthy foods to boost your immune system

Susan S. Johnson
Sean Keeley

Research can be entertaining, and we all seem to have more time on our hands to do just that. I have been looking into foods that are the best immune boosters as well as the worst. The top of both lists are sweets — the worst being sweets like candy, ice cream, cookies and cakes, and one of the best being sweet potatoes. Let’s start with the worst — some of which are my favorites. I won’t go into much detail as it is pretty obvious why they are bad. Hint: sugar.

Foods to avoid

Avoid soda. This was always my go-to beverage for years. I used to drink four or five a day, and now I have about the same amount in a year. I decided to switch to unsweetened ice tea and water 25 years ago, which caused me to lose 15 pounds almost instantly.

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