22/06/2024 10:51 PM


Swing your Cooking

Greenfood’s CEO speaks at the UK’s largest trade fair for healthy food

Healthy fast food that is both easily accessible and affordable. Greenfood owned Picadeli has succeeded in establishing its food concept in several European markets. In addition, the digitized salad bar has just launched in the United States. The successful journey towards democratizing healthy food has prompted significant interest internationally, which is why CEO David von Laskowski was invited to speak at the UK’s largest trade fair – The London Produce Show.

The trade fair The London Produce Show takes place between 21-23 March and brings together some of the world’s largest buyers and sellers of healthy food, such as fruit and vegetables.

Greenfood’s and Picadeli’s CEO David von Laskowski spoke on the theme “From a Swedish salad bar to an international food tech company”. The presentation contained insights into how Picadeli has expanded by using technology to simplify work processes, solve the stores’ business challenges and create strong customer insights.

In addition, David spoke about Picadeli’s new international survey Vegocracy. The report examines the connection between the food we eat and how we feel. There is a clear link between diet, health and quality of life; therefore, it is extremely important that more people have access to healthy foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables.