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Dad-of-two who hated his holiday photos drops 7 stone and gains six-pack in 90 days

Scott Ross, 48, decided to ditch his unhealthy ‘beige food’ diet for healthier options and a new exercise routine. after he barely recognised himself in photos from his family holiday to Marbella, Spain

Scott Ross, 48, became determined to lose weight after seeing holiday snaps of himself
Scott Ross, 48, became determined to lose weight after seeing holiday snaps of himself

A dad-of-two dropped seven stone leaving him with a six-pack in 90 days after hating the way he looked in holiday snaps.

Scott Ross, 48, decided to make a positive change after he barely recognised himself in photos from his family holiday to Marbella, Spain.

The travel agent and fitness coach, from Essex, now looks unrecognisable after ditching his unhealthy “beige food” diet for healthier options and a new exercise routine.

The once 19st 7lbs Scott now weighs just 13st.

Scott said: “I barely recognised myself in our holiday photos, I felt so unhappy with my appearance.

“I rented a kayak to go out on the sea with my two sons, Matt, 15, and Luke, 14, and after five minutes I was incredibly out of breath.

Scott now boasts of a six-pack after being determined to make healthier life choices


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“It was a real shock always as I was a fairly fit person in the past and played a lot of rugby growing up.

“When we got back to the apartment, I just didn’t recognise myself in the mirror anymore, and so I made the conscious decision to do something about it when I got back.”

Scott said he packed on the pounds after starting a new home travel business in 2018.

He explained: “I started a new travel business back in 2018 from home, before we went away in 2019, and I was spending around 14 hours a day sat behind a desk.

Scott said he used to eat a lot of unhealthy ‘beige’ food before changing his diet


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“I was going for the more convenient foods that were nearby like the packets of crisps, sandwiches and biscuits.

“My peak weight before I started my fitness journey was 19st 7lbs.”

When Scott got back to the UK he starting following a three-month online fitness and nutrition plan called the Six Pack Revolution.

He explained: “My original intention was to get down to around 16 or 17st.

“After those 90 days I was sporting a six-pack and didn’t want to give up, I kept up the drive to get leaner, add more muscle and after nine months I looked like I do today weighing 13st.”

Scott’s fitness routine involves regular gym sessions four times a week and lots of running which he still enjoys today.

He added: “It was life-changing for someone in their late 40’s like me.

“I would definitely say that I am far fitter now than I was in my rugby playing days.”

Scott exercises and runs multiple times a week


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Scott now eats six times per day to gain the required energy to keep his incredible physique.

He said: “Twice a day I will have (a) multi-nutritional shake, two healthy snacks and two good meals.

“A lot of my diet these days will consist of high levels of protein, green carbs like quinoa and brown rice and healthy fats like avocado and extra virgin olive oil.

“I even tried a lot of new vegetarian and vegan dishes which before I would have never dreamt of trying.

“When you get comfortable, you can keep this lifestyle easy and, on the weekend, still have the odd treat like pizza & wine like I do.”

Despite the drastic new changes to Scott’s diet, he found himself adapting to the new cuisine well.

He added: “I adjusted to the new lifestyle pretty well, I was very driven and focused on what I wanted to achieve.

“It is also got me enjoying batch cooking with fresh ingredients which I find very therapeutic.”

Scott now weighs 12st after he used to weigh 19.7st


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His new fitness routine has also had drastic improvements to his mental health, with his family and friends all being a huge support.

He explained: “Everyone was brilliant and encouraging during the journey, and a lot of my family even started their own fitness plans alongside my own.

“Your energy levels are far healthier, and I am rarely ever stressed anymore.

“Through lockdown, it kept me focused and I never fell into the doom and gloom mindset, I just applied the mindset of focusing on things you can control and not things you cannot.”

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Scott started a coaching business in early 2020 with his personal trainer girlfriend, Sarah Courtney, 43.

He said: “ We started our business EFT fitness and help people to what I did.

“We help others achieve their fitness goals in the methods that I did which is incredibly rewarding and humbling.”

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