Church potlucks fill you up with more than food

Susan S. Johnson

When I feel of social activities that feel like they belong in the earlier but are continue to desired these days, it’s the church potluck.

Church potlucks are distinctive than other varieties of potlucks. They are the sort where you know what standard dishes will be delivered and that there will be far too substantially of everything. Casseroles and desserts. Fruit trays and cookies. Home made cookies.

Church potlucks are improved than standard old potlucks since the people today bringing the foodstuff feel that they are on a mission. Even nevertheless the Bible states that gentleman are unable to stay on bread alone, those people church girls do their very best to make certain you leave experience like you experienced the ideal food of your life.

I normally take a handmade salsa to a church potluck. I determine there will often be too a lot of luggage of chips and potato salads. Salsa goes with practically anything at all, and persons constantly have entertaining inquiring what ingredients I used. Cilantro, tomatoes, jalapeños, onions and whatsoever else I consider will make it intriguing. “Oooh, I can style the garlic,” and other common exclamations are generally listened to.

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