18 New Restaurants to Try in Chicago

Susan S. Johnson

Indoor dining has returned to Chicago as the city welcomes the cold that comes with February. Still, many restaurant owners are sticking with takeout and outdoor service, and under these circumstances, it comes time to update the Eater Heatmap.

Restaurants continue to open during the pandemic, as many emphasize outdoor dining and takeout. Some have takeout windows for minimum interaction with customers. Other restaurants have made big changes, investing in garage doors, air filtration systems, and condensing menus to create safer environments for customers and workers.

Pivoting to carryout is, for many owners, essentially like opening a brand new restaurant.

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Getting your fair food, funnel cake fix without foot fatigue, is frankly fabulous | News

Susan S. Johnson

Tamia Lee and her grandmother Brenda Mendoza had already picked up McDonald’s food to-go Friday when they spotted the Fair Food Drive-Thru across from the Kern County Fairgrounds.

They immediately decided the McBurgers would have to wait as they pulled into the sprawling parking lot on South P Street and, without even getting out of their car, began ordering caramel corn, tacos and the sort of crazy desserts one expects to find at the Kern County Fair.

“I didn’t know anything about it,” the 17-year-old said of the fair food festival. “But my grandma said, ‘Oh, let’s get some funnel

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10 easy ways to take care of your mental and physical health during lockdown

Susan S. Johnson

The country is now in its third national lockdown, which although unprecedented, this has enabled people to find new routines and adapt to spending the majority of their day under one roof.

a woman sitting in a living room

© Provided by Edinburgh Evening News

However, with working from home and homeschooling turning your sitting room into an office and a classroom, you might be finding it difficult to disconnect.

Nearly 90 percent of children and young people have felt isolated at some point during the pandemic, while the number of adults feeling lonely has almost doubled.

Whether you’re surrounded by family or spending most of your

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How Comfort Food Can Sharpen Your Mind and Support Weight Loss

Susan S. Johnson

Good Spanish food doesn’t get much better than paella,” tweeted Jamie Oliver in 2016, before casually mentioning that his recipe for it included chorizo. The response from Spain was immediate – and brutal. Some compared the unconventional addition of the spiced meat to the desecration of the Ecce Homo Jesus fresco in Zaragoza; others went as far as suggesting that they’d kill him. “I had death threats,” Oliver said on The Graham Norton Show, “because of a bit of sausage.”

a pan of food on a wooden table: There's more to your bangers and mash than you think

© Tatiana Volgutova
There’s more to your bangers and mash than you think

It was yet another manifestation of Oliver’s

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