Why Rob Zombie thinks eating vegan is ‘anti-establishment’

Susan S. Johnson

You’d think that with a name like Rob Zombie, brains would be on the menu rather than carrots.

But the horror heavy-metal icon and former front man of the New York-based hard rock act White Zombie says that he’s vegan — and that he thinks his all-veggie diet is one of the most metal ways to stick it to the man. 

The “More Human Than Human” singer sat down with GQ Magazine for an interview, published Thursday, and dished about his diet, exercise habits and why he made the choice to stop eating all animal products nine years ago.

Zombie said veganism symbolizes “fighting the establishment, fighting the norms, fighting the path that’s been laid out for you by corporate America telling you how you’re supposed to think and how you’re supposed to be.”

“Veganism is exactly the opposite of that. It is anti-establishment,” Zombie added.

His plant-based diet started one day with a particularly revolting plate of eggs. 

“The vegetarian thing started when I was in high school. I never really liked eating meat. Whenever I was served pork chops or something it would just taste awful to me. We’re all brainwashed from the moment we’re born that all the cows are happy and the pigs are happy and everybody’s so happy and it’s all ‘Old McDonald Had a Farm.’ And then I saw a movie that was the first time I really saw how brutal and disgusting factory farming was,” Zombie explained to GQ. 

Over the years, Zombie would eat cheese or use creamer in his coffee but then one morning he was eating eggs and he realized he couldn’t do it anymore.

“I was just, like, ‘this is disgusting and I’m done,’” he told the outlet. 

“And that was it. I’ve been 100% vegan since that moment.” 

At first, adapting to the lifestyle was difficult, Zombie said — he felt like there was “nothing to eat.” He started out with the typical, veganism for beginners chow — “fake ham and the fake baloney or the fake hot dogs” and then he and his wife realized they were “sick of all the fake sandwiches.” 

“Your tastes change and what you consider healthy changes,” the “Superbeast” rocker said. 

“Every day it gets easier, and every day the food gets better. Veggie burgers used to be like tasteless hockey pucks, and now they’re so delicious.” 

Each day, Zombie and his wife Sheri eat the “exact same breakfast” — oatmeal, toast, fruit and coffee — while switching it up for lunch. 

“There’s a lot of decent frozen vegan stuff if we’re in a hurry, like frozen burritos or pad Thai or different pasta dishes,” Zombie said. 

“Sheri’s very good at making these super-elaborate salads. Salad used to be awful iceberg lettuce and a tasteful tomato. That’s why so many people don’t care about vegetables, we grew up eating vegetables that had no taste. When you get good vegetables that are prepared right, they’re super delicious.” 

The pair “love juicing” and the only drinks they ever consume is “coffee and water” along with the green beverages. 

He said that veganism is a way to fight back against corporate behemoths.

“Once you make these decisions, you can’t help but learn more about it. And every day you uncover what an evil industry everything is. Dairy is the leading cause of breast cancer, yet Dannon is a big sponsor of the pink ribbon walks. It’s like Marlboro sponsoring the lung society or something. And you just realize, oh, this is one giant brainwashed lie we’re fed from the moment we’re born.”

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