Where Should I Place My New Freestanding Wine Fridge

Where Should I Place My Freestanding Wine Fridge?

When it comes to built-in wine coolers, you can fit them anywhere in your house because they use front ventilation. This is different from freestanding wine coolers because they use rear ventilation, which comes with many positioning around the house. 

The question of where to keep a wine cabinet with fridge arises when it is freestanding and you have limited space to use it. Even when there is a lot of space, you might still have difficulty finding the perfect place to keep a freestanding wine fridge. Some of the places you can keep this category of wine fridge in your house include:

  1. Countertop

As surprising as this may sound, there are varieties of wine fridges that you can place on the counter. This option comes to mind when you are in the kitchen, and you need to take out wine from time to time. It is usually portable and convenient, especially for a chef or restaurant. 

When preparing dishes like wine sauce, keeping your freestanding wine fridge UK around the kitchen counter makes the process easier. It can also be used in an office setting, as the kitchen and restaurant are not the only places with a counter. 

  1. Cellar

Everyone knows that the cellar is where wine and other drinks are kept for storage, but most times, you can’t just take the wine out of the cellar and drink it. The Cellar doesn’t store the wine and keeps it at the ideal temperature for consumption. 

This can be the perfect chance for you to keep your freestanding wine fridge there. With this integration, you easily store your wine and, at the same time, keep it at the ideal temperature for serving

  1. Kitchen

The kitchen is another place where you can keep your freestanding wine cooler. It is the most commonplace. Whether it is a large, medium, or small freestanding wine cooler, the kitchen will be the most compatible place to install it. Another reason the kitchen is where food is prepared, and you can easily collect whichever woke you need to serve the food. 

  1. Dining room

Most people eat in their dining, serving their visitors there. Placing your freestanding wine fridge there can prove to be convenient. For instance, if you are the type that takes a glass or bottle of wine after a meal, you won’t need to move out and go to another part of the house to get it. Rather you can easily reach out and get it within the dining room. 

  1. Porch

This is rather an unconventional way of placing your wine fridge. But some people live in environments where minimal sunlight and humidity are low. You can use your porch to keep your freestanding wine fridge, especially if it is a bulky one. This can even help to increase air circulation in a large wine fridge


Freestanding wine fridges need a place that fits them perfectly to function well. They don’t have to be too close to the wall or a vibrating appliance. Locations like the kitchen, the cellar, the patio, and the dining room are some of the best places to keep your freestanding wine coolers. 

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