The most popular questions related to food choices and healthy eating

Susan S. Johnson
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You asked … and asked … and asked. So it only felt right to compile Hy-Vee dietitians’ most frequently asked questions (and answers) about diet, food choices, healthy eating and more. Dive in and get the lowdown.

Which is best — fresh or frozen veggies? Would you find it surprising to know that the bagged produce found behind the frozen doors is just as nutritious as the fresh varieties? That’s right – a veggie in any form is packed full of vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants. Think of the frozen options as a safe way to increase their shelf life. Plus, they can be a convenient side-item staple to any meal you make. 

Should I avoid fruit? Absolutely not! But what about the sugar content, you ask. The sugar found in fruit is not the same thing as added sugar, which is found in sodas, candy and other ultra-processed foods. A serving of whole fruit provides your body with nutritious vitamins and filling fiber, and can be a great alternative to sweets. Bananas, apples, berries – they’re all great options and should never be banned. 

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