You don’t have to follow strict rules or give up steak forever, and this diet can have life-changing benefits

Five years ago, after Dr. Jon O’Neal’s fourth friend died suddenly of a heart attack, O’Neal spent a long time thinking about his friends’ dietary habits, which prompted him to rethink his own.

“As much as I love food, I love being around and being healthy,” says O’Neal, who grew up in Kansas and lived in Texas. “I was a complete omnivore. I could drive blindfolded to the three best barbecue places in Austin. I’d go to the Kansas City barbecue. But then I started having my friends in Kansas City die of heart attacks and I looked at that

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I’ve put my pregnant wife on a diet to help her lose weight once the baby comes, she wants me to do it too but I won’t

A DAD-to-be has been slammed after admitting that he’s put his wife on a bland diet so that she will lose weight when she gives birth.

Taking to Reddit, the bloke, 27 who works as a nutritionist and personal trainer, explained that he initially prescribed the diet to help with his 23-year-old wife’s morning sickness.

A dad-to-be has been slammed for putting his wife on a diet during her pregnancy


A dad-to-be has been slammed for putting his wife on a diet during her pregnancyCredit: Getty

He wrote: “She’s (my wife’s) being made to eat only green leafy vegetables, other veggies, rice, Indian flatbread, lentils and curd.

“My mom makes bland food

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How to do the Prince Charles diet

Susan S. Johnson

In 2019, 37 leading scientists from across the globe attempted to design a diet that would balance the planet’s needs against our nutritional ones. Finding that “unhealthy and unsustainably produced food poses a global risk to people and the planet”, the Eat-Lancet Commission proposed a “planetary-health diet” involving “a greater than 50 per cent reduction in global consumption of unhealthy foods, such as red meat and sugar, and a greater than 100 per cent increase in consumption of healthy foods, such as nuts, fruits, vegetables and legumes”.

Picture half your plate piled high in fruits and vegetables, the other

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Is a vegetarian baby diet healthy for my child?

Susan S. Johnson

For concerned moms and dads, their child’s diet and overall nutrition is often a central focus of that parental concern. “Does my child eat enough, or enough of the right things?”, they may be wondering. Or perhaps, “are they lacking minerals and vitamins in their meal plans?” For some, vegetarian baby food or, better yet, a vegetarian baby diet can be the key to those questions. If you are a practicing vegetarian, chances are you are pondering these questions to reinforce the safety – or lack of safety — of that lifestyle for your growing baby. All the while, allowing

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