I lost over 120 pounds on the keto diet but had to quit. Here are 7 things that made it unsustainable for me.

Susan S. Johnson
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I lost more than 120 pounds on the keto diet. Jennifer Still

  • I quit the keto diet after losing over 120 pounds because it wasn’t sustainable for me.

  • Finding keto-friendly options when eating out or celebrating with friends was always a hassle.

  • My cholesterol got dangerously high, and I was tired of eating the same foods.

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Although I was thrilled to have lost over 120 pounds on the ketogenic diet – a high-fat, low-carb way of eating – about two years ago, I realized that I needed to find a more sustainable option

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Fashion Island

Susan S. Johnson

The Hunt neighborhood makes use of their shopping prowess to suggest merchandise for each other that meet the Hunt standards. Nowhere else are you able to get a personalized experience quite like this where like minded peers help Fashion & Shopping you search for and find the gadgets you want at the prices and sizes you need. Exclusivity and sustainability is vital for The Folklore, so every season it carries a restricted stock of each luxurious item.

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New guide offers transparency on plant-based sports nutrition

Susan S. Johnson

The Vegan and vegetarian sports nutrition guide​’​ is published in partnership with the European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance (ESSNA) and provides a transparent explanation of terminology and the nutritional profile of products on the market.

Waterfall explains the significance of different plant-based options (flexitarian, pescatarian, etc) and outlines the virtues of each one. He also addresses concerns about insufficient essential nutrients in some sports nutrition products.

Plant-based trends

According to the author, approximately 31% of Europeans claim they follow a meat-free diet, which has sparked a sharp rise in new product development of plant-based sports

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At Wpi, The Task Was To Fashion A Hand Prosthetic For A Student In Want They Built More Than That

Susan S. Johnson

Miró runs a sustainable Los Angeles clothes model, Sami Miró Vintage, the place she makes one-of-a-type objects with up-cycled supplies. The 93rd Academy Awards red-carpet fashion is on view at Union Station in Los Angeles, where the Oscars 2021 arrivals are occurring. 3 months agoGo from zero Depop followers to a thriving on-line shop.

What is fashion and lifestyle?

fashion is actually a way of life- the way you dress up, the way you wear your accessories, what you wear, from where you buy, how you buy, where do you go wearing your outfits and accessories, describes your disposable income

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