New $1 entry fee, limiting entries on display OK’d by State Fair Board

Susan S. Johnson
Diane Lingle pops from behind quilts on display in the Domestic Arts building next to Nancy Anderson Thursday, Sept. 6, 2012, at the Kansas State Fair in Hutchinson. The State Fair Board on Tuesday approved changes that will reduce the number of fair entries on display.

Several significant changes for exhibitors at the Kansas State Fair were approved on Tuesday by the State Fair Board.

Primary among them is that the fair will begin charging a $1 fee for each “static” entry, and it will display only the top three winning entries in a category during the fair, rather than all entries.

Other entries will be sent home or locked away during the 10-day event.

Competitive Exhibits Director Jenn Galloway proposed the changes to deal with significantly fewer staff anticipated for the 2021 Kansas State Fair.

New fee

“I propose we start charging a $1 entry fee for static entries,” Galloway advised the board during a meeting conducted via Zoom. “In the past, there was no entry fee for fine arts or clothing. A lot of exhibitors enter a large number of entries, but then not all of them come. Someone may enter 50 food items and bring five or 10. It’s hard to prepare for what’s coming. An entry fee would help financially with the cost for the department and help staff be more prepared.”

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