21/06/2024 9:43 PM


Swing your Cooking

Keep it simple, cheap and healthy with beans — and these recipes

When I was younger, I never appreciated how lucky I was to spend time with many of my great-grandparents. One of them stands out.

Even in his old age, my great-grandfather Edwin was a bundle of energy. He was healthier than average and lived to be 99. 

I remember how much he aggravated my grandmother, because, just like most people, he wanted to maintain control of his life even as he aged and needed some help. Edwin was no longer driving and my grandmother was buying his groceries. But he insisted on going to the grocery store with her so he could choose his food and read all of the food labels.

I remember my grandmother complaining that, if given a choice, he would have stayed in the grocery store for hours.  It makes me laugh to realize that somehow I picked up his love of reading food labels and often see grocery store visits as a hobby. To this day, he influences what I put on my plate at every meal.