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GH Seal Spotlight: ALDI Earth Grown

Photo credit: aldi

Photo credit: aldi

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ALDI’s Earth Grown Line impressed Lab experts and consumer testers as it provides convenient, delicious and affordable products to support a plant-based lifestyle.


From premium tofu to savory vegan dumplings and plant-based meat alternatives, Earth Grown provides a wide variety of vegan and vegetarian products that the entire family can enjoy.

  1. PLANT-BASED INGREDIENTS All of Earth Grown’s products are free from animal products including meat, poultry and seafood. Vegan items from the line are also free from eggs, dairy, honey, gelatin and lanolin — or any substances produced by animals.

  2. GREAT VARIETY & FLAVOR Whether you’re fully vegan or newly curious about a plant-based lifestyle, you shouldn’t have to compromise on flavor or quality. Our experts were impressed with the variety of innovative plant-based products for every meal of the day offered on the Earth Grown line. Testers raved about how delicious the products tasted, plus how simple it was to prepare the foods that required cooking or heating.

  3. AMAZINGLY AFFORDABLE ALDI offers unbeatable quality, variety and flavor at a great price point, and the Earth Grown Line is no exception (with some products costing approximately $3!). Many of the items are also USDA Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified.

  4. SUSTAINABLE ALTERNATIVE Choosing plant-based products like the ones from Earth Grown are not only good for you, but they do wonders for the planet too. Following a vegan diet may be the single best way for us to create a greener and more sustainable earth. Meat has a significantly higher water footprint than grains, vegetables or beans. But by adopting a meat-free diet and opting for meatless alternatives like the ones offered by Earth Grown, research suggests that you can reduce your water footprint by up to 55%.

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