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founding a new plant-based food alliance

October 22 2021

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A coalition of civil society groups and companies recently established a new organization, UK Vegetarian AllianceTo serve as a mouthpiece for the vegan food and beverage sector in the UK. The alliance, backed by Alpro, Oatly, ProVeg UK, Upfield and The Vegan Society, aims to help make the UK a world leader in plant-based foods and drinks.

Marking the formation of the alliance, Marisa Heath, CEO of the new association, said: “We are already seeing that people are adding more and more vegetarian diets to their diets because they want to improve their health and reduce the environment. The impact of their food choices. This change can be seen in all strata of the population. We have an opportunity Great for supporting this human-led shift to a more sustainable and healthier diet while also attracting more innovation and investment in the UK. If we prepare now to switch to plant-based foods, it will also enhance our national food security for future generations.”

Veggie burger is a vegetarian meat alternative
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Heath also commented on the next COP26 . Climate Conference And the upcoming White Paper on Food Strategy: “With food systems responsible for a third of global greenhouse gas emissions, leaders gathered at COP26 cannot ignore these changes. We need plans to make our food choices more sustainable and plant-based foods are the most effective way to do that. “.

With rapid expansion expected, the alliance will develop a UK vegetarian food charter, outlining how businesses and government can work together to promote the adoption of plant-based diets.

“The next government’s White Paper on Food Strategy is an opportunity to build on a consumer-driven shift towards plant-based foods and drinks, with a quarter of the UK population claiming to be resilient,” Heath said. Plant-based foods and drinks offer opportunities to every part of the UK food supply chain, including consumers, farmers, producers, retailers and exporters. We look forward to working with businesses and government to make the most of this potential.”

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The alliance will focus on the following topics, among others:

  • Transparent food and beverage eco-labels so that consumers can understand the relative advantages of plant-based products over animal-based products.
  • Public health campaigns to explain the health and environmental benefits of plant-based diets and how people can add more plant-based foods and drinks to their diet.
  • Support farmers to help them adapt to the increasing demand for plant foods.

For more information visit www.plantbasedfoodalliance.co.uk.