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Food & Cooking,Best Diet,Best Restaurants,chinese food menu,Recipes foodIt is our objective to supply the best, most healthful Chinese dining expertise in Richmond and we uarantee it! Severability. If any a part of this agreement to arbitrate is discovered by a court of competent jurisdiction to be unenforceable, the courtroom will reform the agreement to the extent essential to treatment the unenforceable part(s), and the parties will arbitrate their Dispute(s) irrespective of or reliance upon the unenforceable part(s). However, if for any reason the Class Motion Waiver set forth below in subsection 14.2.c cannot be enforced as to some or the entire Dispute, then the agreement to arbitrate … Read More

The #1 Best Food to Eat to Live to 100, Science Says

Food is a large factor in living a long, healthy life, and many Americans are eating diets that are harmful to their overall health.

A study published in Circulation looked at participants who either fell under the category of a “Western” diet, which is heavy in red meat, processed foods, refined grains, and sugar, or a “Prudent” diet, which is mostly made up of legumes, vegetables, fruit, poultry, fish, and whole grains.

After an 18-year follow-up, researchers found that those who were adherent to the prudent diet saw a 17% decrease in total mortality risk a 28% lower risk of

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Research Review: Depression And Anxiety Less Prevalent In Meat-Eaters Than Vegetarians

A meta-analysis looking at a wide range of research into the links between diet and mental health has found a stronger correlation of depression and anxiety among vegans and vegetarians compared to meat-eaters. While, as ever, correlation is not to be confused with causation, the exact cause of this perceived trend could provide interesting insights into how what we put in our mouths influences what goes on in our heads.

To eat meat, or not eat meat? A question that has been high on the minds of the environmentally-conscious in recent years, as mounting evidence has pointed towards the negative

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How to do the Prince Charles diet

In 2019, 37 leading scientists from across the globe attempted to design a diet that would balance the planet’s needs against our nutritional ones. Finding that “unhealthy and unsustainably produced food poses a global risk to people and the planet”, the Eat-Lancet Commission proposed a “planetary-health diet” involving “a greater than 50 per cent reduction in global consumption of unhealthy foods, such as red meat and sugar, and a greater than 100 per cent increase in consumption of healthy foods, such as nuts, fruits, vegetables and legumes”.

Picture half your plate piled high in fruits and vegetables, the other

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