21/05/2024 10:13 PM


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BISD first fair day canceled, plans rearranged

Beaumont ISD is canceling its March 30 Fair Day in anticipation of inclement weather.

To incentivize students to do well academically and maintain good behavior, BISD partnered with Young Men’s Business League, which puts on the fair, to allow eligible students the opportunity to attend the South Texas State Fair for free during the school day.

Originally, March 30 was intended for all elementary students, with middle and high school students attending March 31.

In a Tuesday statement, the district said that due to weather predictions, they canceled the March 30 date and instead will allow elementary and middle school students to attend the fair on March 31. High school students will no longer attend the fair with the district.

“Due to logistics, the district is unable to accommodate transporting all eligible students to the fair on one day,” the statement said. 

Some 6,700 students across the district were eligible to attend the Fair Days.

The statement said that Friday, April 1, was not an option as a make-up day because fair personnel would be working more than 14 hours in one day, which would create a safety concern.

“Because of the maturity level of our high school students, the district felt that the older students could better accept the decision and process their disappointment than elementary students,” the statement said. “The district is working on a possible alternative incentive for eligible high school students.”

Eligible high school students will still receive three free ride tickets before the end of the school day Friday and may attend the fair Friday evening or Saturday. Students can receive free admission to the fair before 3 p.m. on Saturday.

“While we are disappointed that the anticipated weather on Wednesday will not allow us to fulfill the entire vision of the BISD Fair Day, we remain excited to experience the South Texas State Fair with many of our hard-working students who qualified for this opportunity,” the statement said. “Our students were dedicated to keeping up their grades and exhibiting positive behaviors to earn the chance to attend the BISD Fair Day.”

Eligible elementary and middle school students who participate in the March 31 fair day will be taken to the fair by the district and will be given a BISD meal for breakfast and lunch. They can also purchase food at the fair with their own money.

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