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Best Vegetarian restaurants in 7 Northeast Ohio counties based on Yelp restaurant rankings

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Over the last few years, interest in vegetarian diets has been booming for a variety of reasons, ranging from health-conscious choices to philosophical objections.

A growing body of scientific evidence indicates that vegetarian diets offer the benefits of reducing the risk of heart disease, diabetes and even some cancers because of the lower intakes of saturated fat, cholesterol and animal proteins, not to mention the higher intakes of complex carbohydrates, dietary fiber, folic acid, and vitamins C and E.

What is a vegetarian diet?

Those following a vegetarian diet choose not to consume any kinds of products that come from animal slaughter, such as meat and poultry, fish and seafood or gelatine (often used in sweets) and animal fats, such as those found in stock.

But vegetarian diets are not restricted to “no meat.” Lacto-vegetarians do not eat eggs. Ovo-vegetarians exclude dairy but include eggs in their diet. Pescatarians do not eat meat or meat-by products, but they do eat fish. Pescatarians sometimes also exclude eggs and dairy from their diets, but not always.

Luckily, Greater Cleveland is home to a plethora of eateries featuring vegetarian menus. We asked our friends at Yelp Cleveland where their reviewers found the Best Vegetarian food in Northeast Ohio.

Methodology: This is a list of top Vegetarian restaurants in the Greater Cleveland area for 2020 according to Yelp Cleveland. Yelp Cleveland identified businesses in the Vegetarian category, then ranked those spots using a number of factors, including the total volume and ratings of reviews in 2020. This list looked at businesses in the following counties: Cuyahoga, Geauga, Lake, Lorain, Medina, Portage and Summit. We worked directly with Yelp Cleveland on this list to reflect accurate data.

Here are the results broken down by county:

Cuyahoga County

No. 1 Munch A Simple Kitchen

Munch A Simple Kitchen Julie's Tabbouleh

Julie’s Tabbouleh from Munch A Simple Kitchen Julie’s Tabbouleh
– Photo courtesy of Diana W., via Yelp

28500 Miles Rd., Solon, 216-231-0922

Yelp rating: 5 stars

Sample review: “This place is amazing! The owners will walk you through their menu and customize things for you and we got to test their soups and they are so delicious I can’t wait to come back when it’s cooler! The prices are just right and the recipes are amazing. It’s super healthy too!” – Michelle M.

No. 2 Earth Bistro Cafe

Earth Bistro Cafe

Earth Bistro Cafe, located at 11122 Clifton Avenue in Cleveland is a top vegetarian restaurant.The Plain Dealer

11100 Clifton Ave., Cleveland, 216-201-9338

Yelp rating: 4.5 stars

Sample review: “I just tried this place for the first time and the VEGAN Grilled Chicken Fresco Panini sandwich. It was on my favorite ciabatta bread served with pasta salad and coleslaw. The slaw was a little too oily but still taste good. Overall this meal was extremely feeling and take wonderful. Service was fast too!” – T.D.

No. 3 The Root Cafe

Clinic study: Vegan diet helped obese children

House-made hummus, lightened with zucchini and served with seasonal vegetables is a specialty at Root Cafe, an organic vegan and vegetarian restaurant in Lakewood.The Plain Dealer

15118 Detroit Ave., Lakewood, 216-226-4401

Yelp rating: 4.5 stars

Sample review: “My favorite egg sandwich is the My Egg Sandwich. It’s perfect. Avocado, egg and cheese on fresh bread. It’s always cooked to perfection- never any crusty eggs or burnt toast. It’s easy to eat and not too messy for when you can’t want to get home and finish the whole thing in your car! This is my favorite place to grab breakfast in Cleveland…” – Ally C.

No. 4 India Garden

India Garden

Masala Dosa at Namaste India Garden. (Photo: David Petkiewicz, cleveland.com)

18405 Detroit Ave., Lakewood, 216-221-0676

Yelp rating: 4 stars

Sample review: “Arguably the best Indian restaurant in Cleveland. They have lots of meat and veggie options. The garlic naan is to die for. You can dine inside, on their patio, or order pickup. The service at India Garden is always great!” – Aliisa V.

No. 5 Melt Bar and Grilled – Lakewood

Melt Bar and Grilled in Lakewood

Melt Bar and Grilled located at 14718 Detroit Ave. in Lakewood. (John Benson/cleveland.com)

14718 Detroit Ave., Lakewood, 216-226-3699

Yelp rating: 4 stars

Sample review: “The waiter was very nice and the service was very fast. I got the Kindergarten with American Cheese and it was AMAZING to say the least. For appetizers I got fried pickles and macaroni and cheese bites. They were so delicious and not greasy despite being deep fried. The restaurant had cool decorations and everything was super clean. There are options for everyone (including vegetarian and other options) 10/10 recommend.” – Mia G.

No. 6 Taza A Lebanese Grill

Fine dining in a whole new cultural category

Vegetarian rolled pitas with hummus, falafel, lettuce, tomato, parsley, pickles, turnips. Here with bulgur at Taza A Lebanese Grill in Cleveland.John Petkovic, The Plain Dealer

1400 W 6th St., Cleveland, 216-274-1170

Yelp rating: 4.5 stars

Sample review: “Stopped here after visiting the Music Hall of Fame. The food was delicious!! Our waitress made excellent suggestions and all 6 of us walked away satisfied. We shared everything so tried 6 different dishes. Deciding on a least favorite was impossible.” – Janet B.

No. 7 Zoma Ethiopian Restaurant

Food on plate.

(Photo by Laura DeMarco, The Plain Dealer)

2240 Lee Rd., Cleveland Heights, 216-465-3239

Yelp rating: 4.5 stars

Sample review: “I just got lunch from here for the first time yesterday and I’ve no idea how they made carrots and green beans taste so good – both cooked to perfection, that’s a skill! The samosa was incredible too – hot, crispy and with delicate flavor. I’m going to be a regular customer from now on.” – Lola L.

Editors Note: Carryout and Pick-up only at the time of this story

No. 8 Happy Dog

Happy Dog

One vegan dog with yeungling saurkraut at the Happy Dog in Cleveland.The Plain Dealer

5801 Detroit Ave., Cleveland, 216-651-9474

Yelp rating: 4 stars

Sample review: “The loaded hot dog we all desire in grunge, 80′s-looking dive bar atmosphere. You can choose as many toppings as you want– literally they give you a checklist, so nothing’s off the table! They even give you some quirky options to choose from. I got the veggie dog and I honestly could not tell the difference, it was so juicy and overflowing yumminess. They also offer the crispiest, golden, to perfection tatter-tots you’ll ever find. WITH AN ARRAY OF SAUCES TO CHOOSE FROM. Fantastic! They also have live music from time to time. Enjoy!” – Toyfact 3

No. 9 Tommy’s

Tommy's Restaurant

The black bean chili is a favorite at Tommy’s restaurant on Coventry in Cleveland Heights.

1824 Coventry Rd., Cleveland Heights, 216-321-7757

Yelp rating: 4 stars

Sample review: “Not quite a diner, but it’s diner-adjacent. Sandwiches were great, but the thing to come for is the milkshakes. The Greek salad was solid, too. Plenty of vegetarian and vegan options if that’s your thing…” – Amye K.

No. 10 Sittoo’s Pita & Salads – Parma

Middle Eastern fast food in Parma at Sittoo's

Sittoo’s Pita & Salads vegetarian combination plate.The Plain Dealer

5870 Ridge Rd., Parma, 440-885-2525

Yelp rating: 4.5 stars

Sample review: “So good! It’s not on my daily drive, but when we’re headed down Ridge Rd in Parma, we love to grab food here. Great hummus…don’t miss getting hot sauce with it! Delicious food & served promptly.” – Joyce T.

No. 11 Aladdin’s Eatery – Middleburg Heights

Aladdin's Eatery Hummus and Baba Gannouj

Hummus and Baba Gannouj from Aladdin’s Eatery
– Photo courtesy of A.J. C., via Yelp

18334 E. Bagley Rd., Middleburg Heights, 440-243-0800

Yelp rating: 4.5 stars

Sample review: “I sampled the flavor saver over lettuce and the cauliflower appetizer for takeout. Service was fast and cheerful. The salad greens were fresh and all other parts of the meal well prepared. Go get yours today!” – Shawn P.

No. 12 Banana Blossom Thai Cuisine

Banana Blossom Thai Cuisine Mango with Sweet Sticky Rice

Mango with Sweet Sticky Rice from Banana Blossom Thai Cuisine
– Photo courtesy of Melissa P., via Yelp

2800 Clinton Ave., Cleveland, 216-696-5529

Yelp rating: 4 stars

Sample review: “Found this hidden gem out of random. It was so delicious! I tried the mango fried rice with chicken. It was so amazing! I enjoyed every bit of it. I had sticky rice for the first time and I’m so living for it! The service was also very good! Definitely coming back again!!” – Melissa P.

No. 13 La Kabob Lebanese Grill

La Kabob Lebanese Grill Falafel

Falafel from La Kabob Lebanese Grill
– Photo courtesy of Stacie E., via Yelp

14228 Pearl Rd., Strongsville, 440-846-5100

Yelp rating: 4.5 stars

Sample review: “This is one of the best Mediterranean restaurants I’ve ever frequented. The food is amazing and ridiculously underpriced…They make everything fresh, so it’s not fast food, but OH SO worth the (relatively) short wait. I’ve tried a number of menu items and loved everything, but the chicken shawarma is my favorite, I love the rice (perfectly cooked) and salad that comes with it, too. It’s good if you have a soy allergy as well – they don’t cook with it.” – Lee B.

No. 14 56 Kitchen – Solon

56 Kitchen Cauliflower Wings

Cauliflower Wings from 56 Kitchen
– Photo courtesy of Angela B., via Yelp

33587 Aurora Rd., Solon, 440-349-0056

Yelp rating: 4.5 stars

Sample review: “56 Kitchen was such a wonderful experience and worth going out of your way to eat at. They are most known for their salads because originally they had 56 different salads. They have since expanded the menu and reduced the number of salads. That seems to have been a smart choice because people do like variety and everything we tasted was phenomenal. There is something on the menu for everyone…” _ Angela B.

No. 15 Soho Chicken + Whiskey

Soho Chicken + Whiskey

Ohio City’s Soho Chicken + Whiskey.

1889 W 25th St., Cleveland, 216-298-9090

Yelp rating: 4.5 stars

Sample review: “I am so happy this spot has opened back up for dine-in! The crunchiest tofu in Cleveland! They have quality ingredients and amazing vegetarian options. They also have an amazing wine and cocktail list. Don’t let “chicken + whiskey“ fool you, they have many options for everyone…” – KayLyn G.

No. 16 Taste of Kerala

Taste of Kerala Egg Puffs

Egg Puffs from Taste of Kerala
– Photo courtesy of Amy J., via Yelp

3429 W Brainard Rd., Beachwood, 216-450-1713

Yelp rating: 4 stars

Sample review: “Love Taste of Kerala! I ordered the eggplant masala and it was delicious. The restaurant owner even stopped by our table to offer us some complementary appam, it was fantastic and I would order all of the same things again. Service was fast and friendly.” – The M.

No. 17 Johnny Mango World Cafe & Bar

Johnny Mango restaurant in Cleveland

Johnny Mango restaurant in Clevelandcleveland.com

3120 Bridge Ave., Cleveland, 216-575-1919

Yelp rating: 3.5 stars

Sample review: “Light & delicious. Found this place by accident … and was really pleased with our experience. Friendly waitstaff, ample seating inside and out, wide variety of vegan/vegetarian and diet-sensitive foods.” – C.B.

No. 18 L’Albatros

We offer seven French restaurants with patios to consider in Greater Cleveland

This is the Roasted Trout with Almond Crust, available at L’Albatros Brasserie and Bar in University Circle. – Lisa DeJong/The Plain DealerThe Plain Dealer

11401 Bellflower Rd Cleveland, 216-791-7880

Yelp rating: 4.5 stars

Sample review: “Amazing food, with vegetarian options. Kind staff, great service, and impeccable atmosphere. This is definitely our go-to restaurant to dine at when we want a fancier date night.” – April R.

No. 19 Local West

Local West Margherita Pizza

Margherita Pizza from Local West
– Photo courtesy of Tom G., via Yelp

7400 Detroit Ave., Cleveland, 216-417-7001

Yelp rating: 4.5 stars

Sample review: “Definitely your best and most reliable option in this area on Detroit. Lots of food for a very reasonable price and it’s always good. I find consistency to be the biggest issue with Cleveland restaurants so it’s great to have a place to count on when I’m in the area.” – Jed B.

No. 20 Forage Public House

Farm-to-table is the goal at Forage

The Pommes Frites are Forage Public House in Lakewood. (Bruce Geiselman, cleveland.com)The Plain Dealer

14600 Detroit Ave., Lakewood, 216-226-2000

Yelp rating: 4 stars

Sample review: “Delicious food and wonderful service. The menu is unique and chef-driven, not your typical burger and wing joint you will find around much of Lakewood. The Walleye Po’Boy was so darn tasty and perfectly fried. Patio seating available. Can’t wait to go back and try more.” – Bird D.

No. 21 Barrio – Lakewood

Barrio Crab Rangoon Queso

Crab Rangoon Queso from Barrio
– Photo courtesy of S.B., via Yelp

15527 Madison Ave., Lakewood, 216-226-7714

Yelp rating: 4 stars

Sample review: “Wow. I haven’t been here in a while and the tacos were great. Just the right amount of food inside so the shell doesn’t break and you can actually hold a taco and [eat] it. Service was friendly and efficient. Not too much liquid to get everything soggy. Ingredients were fresh. Get there early…” – He S.

No. 22 Felice

Felice Urban Cafe

Felice Urban Café on Larchmere Boulevard in Cleveland.

12502 Larchmere Blvd., Cleveland, 216-791-0918

Yelp rating: 4 stars

Sample review: “First time to Felice Urban Cafe & what a delight. Great outside ambiance, terrific service & the food was OUTSTANDING!!! We tried several appetizers that were delicious; beet carpaccio, vegan sampler & Brussel sprouts all vegan options!!! Hubby had the shrimp and a Caesar salad that were nice portions & equally as delicious. Entrees were also quite tasty, vegan white bean soup, salmon & a seafood bowl?…Can’t wait to go back…” – C.C.

No. 23 Cleveland Tiffin – Punjabi Dhaba

Cleveland Tiffin- Punjabi Dhaba Samosa

Samosa from Cleveland Tiffin- Punjabi Dhaba
– Photo courtesy of Ashley S., via Yelp

4630 Warrensville Center Rd., North Randall, 216-220-7002

Yelp rating: 4.5 stars

Sample review: “Cleveland Tiffin is one of my favorite hidden gems of the area. The food is consistently delicious, and the service is great…My favorite dish of all, malai kofta, is a difficult one to get right. I often order this at Indian restaurants, but am usually let down by dumplings that taste previously frozen or store-bought, or sauce that has too much cream and not enough spices. Cleveland Tiffin’s malai kofta is perfection – bold, rich and creamy sauce with fresh paneer dumplings…” – Marissa F.

No. 24 El Carnicero

Review of El Carnicero in Lakewood

Empanaditas as served at El Carnicero, little pies drizzled with sour cream -Thomas Ondrey/The Plain DealerThe Plain Dealer

16918 Detroit Ave., Lakewood, 216-226-3415

Yelp rating: 4 stars

Sample review: “…This is a mod Mex restaurant in Lakewood Ohio…We got the empanadas and charred tomato salsa to start. The empanadas [were] cooked to perfection, full of flavor, and covered in a delicious green sauce. The salsa was unique and delicious, love the smoky flavor. I got the seared tuna with rice. It was amazing. Love the guac with it, added a good flavor to the fish. Tuna was perfectly cooked and again, great flavor. Great place for drinks and dinner. Go, and go now!” – Sarah J.

No. 25 Tandul


The Goat Vindaloo dish from Tandul restaurant in Cleveland. (John Kuntz, cleveland.com)The Plain Dealer

2505 Professor Ave., Cleveland, 216-860-4530

Yelp rating: 4 stars

Sample review: “This place is AMAZING! Best Indian food I’ve had in Cleveland. Spacious inside with options to eat inside and outside. The service is phenomenal and was super willing to help accommodate a birthday! They had nice music playing which contributed to all the good vibes. Their menu was extensive, with great vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. They didn’t ask for a spice level but they each paired well with the dish. Biryani was really spicy and tasty. The [naan and roti] were fresh as well as the appetizer. I’m super happy with this place and it will be my go to for Indian food in Cleveland :)” – Sathya A.

Geauga County

No. 1 Pari Indian Cuisine

Vegetable Samosa from Pari Indian Cuisine

Vegetable Samosa from Pari Indian Cuisine
– Photo courtesy of Michael M., via Yelp

12775 Chillicothe Rd., Chesterland, 440-688-3016

Yelp rating: 4 stars

Sample review: “Excellent food! I was not expecting this from this little hidden gem in the heart of Chesterland! We took the food recommendations from our server, and he did not disappoint. They hand made their hot sauce for us, and it was amazing! We will definitely be back and I would highly recommend this place to anyone! Thank you for the great service!” – Hallie R.

Lake County

No. 1 Thai 999 Express

Thai 999 Express Basil Crispy Fish

Basil Crispy Fish from Thai 999 Express
– Photo courtesy of Sarah Y., via Yelp

9853 Johnnycake Ridge Rd. Ste. 4, Mentor, 440-350-1458

Yelp rating: 4.5 stars

Sample review: “My absolute favorite place to get Thai in the area! The best peanut sauce is the best I’ve ever had! Portions are huge as well!” – Kelly S.

Lorain County

No. 1 Istanbul Mediterranean Grill

Kunefe from Istanbul Mediterranean Grill

Kunefe from Istanbul Mediterranean Grill
– Photo courtesy of Jason W., via Yelp

35840 Chester Rd., Avon, 440-937-0733

Yelp rating: 4.5 stars

Sample review: “Very good quality food and great service! They make the best hummus ever! Great atmosphere and always enjoy going there! A little on the pricey side but worth it if you have a taste for this type of food!” – Mary W.

No. 2 The Feve

the feve

The Feve in Oberlin.

30 S Main St., Oberlin, 440-774-1978

Yelp rating: 4.5 stars

Sample review: “Wow, this place is fabulous for breakfast/brunch. Tasty breakfast and very large portion. Fun ambiance, even with COVID. A prospective Oberlin parent, I will definitely return!” – Suzanne Z.

Medina County

No. 1 Cafe on Main

Cafe on Main Vegan Thai Chicken Wrap

Vegan Thai Chicken Wrap from Cafe on Main
– Photo courtesy of Amy N., via Yelp

29 W Main St., Seville, 330-975-4392

Yelp rating: 5 stars

Sample review: “I stopped in because I wanted something lighter and they have vegetarian options as well as tons of sandwiches so I figured I would be able to find something I liked. I started with the hummus and veg. The hummus was fluffy and tasty and if it isn’t homemade I’d be really surprised. I opted for the egg salad because it has been a long time since I’ve had it and this one was a treat with red onion and bacon. It was worth it. I also sampled the coleslaw and that was super tasty and I’m looking forward to stopping in again to try the vegetarian sandwiches.” – Robert A.

Portage County



Hummus from GRAZERS
– Photo courtesy of Sheena W., via Yelp

123 N Water St., Kent, 330-968-6612

Yelp rating: 4.5 stars

Sample review: “Great place for full-on vegan! Nice selection. Friendly and helpful staff. Portions [are] a bit small. Try the black bean brownies.” – Sean D.

No. 2 Twisted Meltz – Kent

Twisted Meltz - Ray Wise

Ray Wise from Twisted Meltz
– Photo courtesy of Bob S., via Yelp

164 B E Main St., Kent, 330-968-4104

Yelp rating: 4.5 stars

Sample review: “My favorite spot to eat in Kent. The employees are usually students from KSU and they’re always very friendly! The menu is extremely customizable & there’s something for everyone. GO!!” – Julie B.

No. 3 Fresco Mexican Grill & Salsa Bar

Baja Fish Tacos from Mexican Grill and Salsa Bar

Baja Fish Tacos from Mexican Grill and Salsa Bar
– Photo courtesy of A.J. C., via Yelp

100 E Erie St. Ste. 112, Kent, 330-677-2588

Yelp rating: 4 stars

Sample review: “My family and I have been going to Fresco for years We went to the grand opening years ago and from then on never stopped. The food is absolutely amazing, the workers are so welcoming and nice and the accepting atmosphere is great. They make it obvious that they are a welcoming and accepting place where all people can go enjoy some good ass food. We used to live 10 minutes away and then moved 40 minutes away, but still make the drive all the time. It’s worth it.” – Claire P.

No. 4 Taco Tonto’s – Kent

Taco Tontos Shrimp and Fish Burrito

Shrimp and Fish Burrito from Taco Tonto’s
– Photo courtesy of Adam R., via Yelp

123 Franklin Ave., Kent, 330-677-0223

Yelp rating: 4 stars

Sample review: “Absolutely the best Tacos I’ve ever had! I’m ashamed to admit I ate 2, despite them being huge! Fish taco and the shrimp taco made me very happy!” – Shawn K.

Summit County

No. 1 Mustard Seed Market & Cafe

Mustard Seed Market

Mustard Seed Market & Cafe, an Akron-area organic grocer.

3885 Medina Rd., Akron, 330-666-7333

Yelp rating: 4 stars

Sample review: “Always one of my favorite spots to grab lunch or dinner with my family when I come into town. Their large selection of healthy, gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, and dairy-free options really cater to every dietary need. I’m gluten-free and dairy free, and also eat Low-FODMAP, so their food really jives with my style! I love that I can get classic favorites like a wrap or sandwich, or even nachos, while also trying something new, like a fresh-pressed juice or quinoa bowl…” – Carmelle L.

No. 2 Ms. Julie’s Kitchen

pizza slice

(Photo by Peggy Turbett, The Plain Dealer)The Plain Dealer

1809 S Main St., Akron, 330-819-3834

Yelp rating: 4.5 stars

Sample review: “This place continues to amaze me. Best vegan mac and cheese ever. Period. I’ve never had such good-tasting vegan mac and cheese before. This place is the future…” – Tiffany L.

No. 3 The Blue Door Cafe & Bakery

The Blue Door Cafe & Bakery Salmon with scramble on a croissant

Salmon with scramble on a croissant from The Blue Door Cafe & Bakery
– Photo courtesy of Sunshine A., via Yelp

1970 State Rd., Cuyahoga Falls, 330-926-9774

Yelp rating: 4.5 stars

Sample review: “Best place in Akron area. Whether for breakfast or lunch. If you decide to go, better make a reservation because you won’t get in. Small place but that’s the beauty of it. Any meal will fill you up. The flavor is impeccable… seriously. The chef does his thing! You won’t be disappointed! Love this place for you.” – Ariana B.

No. 4 Mr Zub’s Deli and Bar

Mr Zub's Deli and Bar The Margo Tenenbaum

The Margo Tenenbaum from Mr Zub’s Deli and Bar
– Photo courtesy of Steve A., via Yelp

795 W Market St., Akron, 330-252-0272

Yelp rating: 4 stars

Sample review: “Always great food, good portions, quality ingredients, and interesting choices. Awesome standard menu and fun seasonal menus to make things even more interesting!” – Michael S.

No. 5 Rice Paper Thai Cuisine

Rice Paper Mango Fried Rice

Mango Fried Rice from Rice Paper
– Photo courtesy of Kelsi K., via Yelp

3867 Medina Rd., Akron, 234-466-0499

Yelp rating: 4.5 stars

Sample review: “Rice Paper is my absolute favorite local restaurant. Even when doing takeout, the food is always consistent and delicious. Staff is welcoming and friendly, taking the extra step to recognize their regular customers. If you are in the area and looking for a new spot to try, go here. Must try the Crazy Noodle and Rice Paper String Bean.” – Meredith S.

No. 6 The Funky Truckeria

Funky Truckeria Buffalo Cauliflower

Buffalo Cauliflower taco from Funky Truckeria
– Photo courtesy of Ashley O., via Yelp

3200 Greenwich Rd., Norton, 330-208-0560

Yelp rating: 4.5 stars

Sample review: “I’m a vegetarian, and the crispy fried avocado tacos are amazing. I probably have gotten them three times this week because I’ve had such a craving for them. And on Tuesdays the tacos are buy-two-get-one-free, so that’s even better.” – Quay K.

No. 7 Jaipur Junction

Jaipur Junction Baingan Bharta

Baingan Bharta from Jaipur Junction
– Photo courtesy of Devgan G., via Yelp

180 W Streetsboro St. Ste. 5, Hudson, 330-653-6640

Yelp rating: 4 stars

Sample review: “I LOVE Jaipur Junction and always get it when I’m back in town visiting family. I’ve lived in NYC now for five years and honestly haven’t found a place that I like as much as Jaipur Junction. My family and I always share a lamb dish, a chicken dish, and a few vegetarian dishes. And of course garlic naan. Honestly, I’m always looking forward to it. Both takeout and eating in are great. The owners are incredibly kind!!” – Elyse A.

No. 8 Crave

Crave Ahi Tuna

Ahi Tuna from Crave
– Photo courtesy of Hannah A., via Yelp

57 E Market St., Akron, 330-253-1234

Yelp rating: 4 stars

Sample review: “Crave has been on my list of restaurants to try…The interior was nicely decorated…We started off with a wine called “Sex Chocolate” which was delicious you must try it. We then tried the street corn trio which features Craves take on street corn three different ways. I don’t even like blue cheese but I loved the blue cheese and bacon version. For dinner, we had the tune and short ribs. It had to be some of the best tuna I have had. Simple flavors done right. The short ribs were melting in your mouth and the side of beans it came with were outstanding. We saved room for dessert and got the french toast which was sweet and a little savory, I loved it. If you’re looking for a nice place in Akron for an intimate dinner, or want to try a new restaurant with friends, definitely check out Crave.” – Hannah A.

No. 9 Greenbridge Teahouse and Cafe

Greenbridge Teahouse and Cafe

Greenbridge Teahouse and Cafe
– Photo courtesy of Lauren K., via Yelp

9036 Church St., Twinsburg, 330-405-9381

Yelp rating: 4.5 stars

Sample review: “My friend and I just had lunch at this very sweet restaurant. Wonderful teas, and a very nice lunch. I had the cheddar broccoli quiche with a side salad. My friend had a potato soup and spinach salad. We really enjoyed our meals. We had “to die for” cherry cheesecake for dessert. Our waiter was so kind. I encourage you all to give it a try. A hidden gem!” – Luanne W.


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