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Swing your Cooking

52 Weeks of Food Trucks launches yearlong series searching for San Antonio’s best restaurants on wheels

When asked what 2021’s “52 Weeks” series would be, coming after successive years of barbecue, burgers and pizza, the answer was easy: All three and everything else, from salads to seafood and soul food. Because 2021 is the year of 52 Weeks of Food Trucks.

We’ll visit a different San Antonio-area food truck every week, with a new report every Sunday in the Taste section and on Fridays at our subscriber website ExpressNews.com/FoodTrucks starting Jan. 15.

The series will draw from food trucks in the greater San Antonio area, including outer Bexar County and the counties that surround it. Trucks tend to work from abbreviated menus, so we’ll order as much of that menu as we can, then single out the best dish and give a critical accounting of the rest.

Every food truck will get a rating: Once was enough (for the underperformers); solid neighborhood option (for the reliable standbys); or worth a drive (for the superstars). The series kicks off today with Carnitas Don Raúl, a Michoacán export doing some incredible things with pork.

There’s that old saying that Ginger Rogers danced every dance Fred Astaire did, except backward and in heels. Food trucks make everything restaurants make, except outdoors and on wheels. In a year that offers hope but no certainty for a return to restaurant life as we knew it, food trucks can help fill the gap while we figure out the next steps.

Follow along to see if your favorite food truck makes the list, and email us with your suggestions. See you on the road.

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