5 Websites to Help You Find Vegan Friendly Holidays

If you follow a largely plant-based or vegan diet, you might worry about how you can still eat the same foods, or follow the same principles, when on holiday. Having dietary requirements can feel tricky to navigate in unfamiliar destinations or other countries.

But don’t worry, there are plenty of online resources to help find and book trips that help support those on a plant-based diet. Read on to discover how and where you can find vegan friendly holidays online.

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A good place to search for some vegan friendly outlets is The Vegan Travel Guide–an online directory of vegan friendly places to eat and stay during your travels.

You can search for vegan friendly destinations using the interactive map or search within the “Plan My Trip” tab. There’s also a blog that features spotlight articles on various locations worldwide, which is ideal if you’re planning on visiting a city and want to know where you can eat and stay.

The Vegan Travel Guide also features vegan friendly brands so you can gain inspiration for grocery, cosmetic, and fashion shopping. You can also use this information to check products as you shop in-store.

Most of the recommended vegan spots on this website are located in Europe, New York, and a few other worldwide locations. But keep an eye on the map as the site expects more places to be added as more plant-based visitors contribute to the database.

How to Find Vegan Friendly Holidays Online

Plant Based News (aka PBN) is a robust online resource for all things related to plant-based living. You’ll find news and information on ethical consumerism, sustainability, and the plant-based lifestyle–including travel advice.

The Plant Based News travel section is a great place to find travel news, including new hotel openings, recently launched tips and tours, plus plenty of other vegan friendly travel stories and places to visit.

The best way to find the hot-off-the-press travel stories, features, and new trips is by following PBN on Instagram. Here you will find regular posts which recommend worldwide vegan friendly resorts, tour operators, and, of course, foodie locations.

How to Find Vegan Friendly Holidays Online

If you want an easy to navigate website that has a straightforward guide to some of the top vegetarian and vegan friendly destinations worldwide, check out Vegetarian Vacations.

The site promotes meat-free travel options, including tours, accommodation options, camping, retreats, spas, detox breaks, and many green trips.

Vegetarian Vacations also has a section for those who aren’t fully plant-based, or are traveling with someone who doesn’t follow a vegetarian or vegan diet. It’s a genius way to find holidays that cater to both plant-based and meat-eating guests!

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How to Find Vegan Friendly Holidays Online

Responsible Travel is a brilliant website for any traveler looking for holidays that supports local communities, preserve nature, and cause minimal impact on the planet.

The idea behind Responsible Travel is to promote trips that treat local people and places with respect and offset the impact holidays can have on other people’s environments, cultures, economies, and ways of life.

Not only can you educate yourself on responsible ways to travel, but the website also has a dedicated vegan and vegetarian holiday section. This section will help travelers stick to their dietary principles while on a responsible holiday.

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How to Find Vegan Friendly Holidays Online

Perhaps one of the most well-loved resources for veggies out there, HappyCow is a one-stop-shop for all things plant-based. Since 1999, this community-driven site aims to assist people in finding plant-based, vegan options, and healthy food wherever in the world they are.

With its very own Vegetarian and Vegan Travel section, HappyCow’s extensive hub of knowledge is furthered by the contribution of members who share reviews of restaurants, hotels, and more, all of which are plant-based or vegan friendly.

For more vegan travel advice to carry in your pocket, HappyCow also has an app. You can easily find plant-based, vegan, or vegetarian restaurants in over 180 countries on the app.

Download: HappyCow for Android | iOS ($3.99)

Travel Happy Knowing You Can Eat What You Want

You don’t have to be a fully committed plant-based eater to enjoy vegan friendly holidays. Many of the websites listed above strive to reduce the impact of travel on the planet and support local communities too.

You can feel that you are booking both a healthy and happy holiday, with the option to eat vegan or vegetarian.

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