It’s funny: Because no one speaks publicly about salaries in this country and yet everyone knows that lawyers and management consultants really rake in fat coal. Alright! Really?

Only once have so much money, think well of all the lawyers and consultants who constantly get hurt while the public envy, their payroll but fails not as abundant as all the world thinks. The income range extends into reality by very rich to come just to make ends meet. The lower end of the story is just not sexy so special to continue gossiping.

This young lawyer to rise with 65 000 euros one up, the elite can expect up to 100 000 € annual salary. In contrast, medium-sized firms are only 40000-75000 € for beginners in there. Compared to other graduates salaries, such as those of the architect, so even a lamentation on high level.

The majority of lawyers still denies his job but in smaller shops. And because life is much harder: According to a study by the Federal Bar Association earned an appointed lawyer all work experience classes in 2004 in the West average of 43 000 euros, as much as currently young engineers already offered for job entry. Lawyers who are self-employed have to manage in a single firm with an annual average surplus of 32 000 €, just under € 2700 gross per month.

The consultants, it is similar: the Mackie, Roland Berger or BIGler this world cannot complain about their salaries, in fact. According to the compensation expert staff of market graduates follow in consulting firms with more than 1,000 employees with an annual average of 50 000 €. With five years of job experience is one where more than 15 000, 20 000 € worth more.

The catch: Only 0.4 percent of all consultations, all 55 companies set to more than 45 million € per year. And only a third of the 73 000 German consultant working there. In the 12 300 firms, which make less than a million euros in sales, are much smaller baked bread: There may be according to the Federal Association of German Management Consultants only are still expecting an average of 35 000 € gross. Not to mention the nearly 13 000 one-to-two-man sweatshops, the 60 percent of the market Aus Machen.Ulrike Heitz