Month: March 2018

Confusing Pronouns In Writing

I have never write a long sentence like might not have done all that fancy-pants grammar when I was at school but I’ve got my common sense and I can know those sentences don’t make sense but the thing is if a person makes the sentence long enough they can get lost in what they’ve said and not realize they have not provided the finite verb and the reader will be going back and back and back with a book with compounded so keep your sentences short use your common sense and you will not have to regret the fact that you didn’t do all that parsing when you were 11 years old is that okay well now I am going to talk about another common problem with writing.

We’ve had short sentences we’ve had the lack of finite verbs and now the third common problem is confusing pronouns a pronoun is a word used instead of a noun we could say Judith drew the picture she used a texture we don’t have to say Judith used to be a texture so pronouns are often personal pronouns like I usually he we they but they can be a word like this for example john helped his nephew this really pleased his aunt so it’s the fact of john having helped his nephew that really pleased the art and this in the kind of essay that you’re writing is more likely to be used than i you he she they we etc so it is that kind of pronoun that presents potential problems for clear writing okay so let’s have a look at some examples the students wrote the essays they were influential well what was influential was it the students or the essays we do not know so if you’re in any doubt about whether people are going to know what your pronoun refers to repeat the noun the students were influential.

We might get a sentence like this this is proved controversial now it could be completely clear like the previous sentence might have been what about whatever it was what was controversial or the sentence that it refers back to might be miles back in the essay in which case the readers going to be confused you can say no the landlord raised the rent this ruined the tenant the landlord raised the rent and he threw a party and he went to the bahamas and he took up skiing and this ruined the tenant well what exactly in all those misdeeds was the fact that ruined lieutenant so you’d have to go back to say the raising of the rent the fact that the rent have gone up so just pronouns are very handy they can make her writing more succinct there are real help with the short sentences but if there’s any risk that their readers not going to know what noun or noun phrase they refer back to then they’re going to be in trouble.

How To Change Existing Essay Structure

Although the two all-service welcomes the development of technologies also a 1 a as focuses on something and the second focuses on something different later on you will don’t you won’t have ABC but what will be the structure of your taxi you may first write about one officer then about another author what he suggests or you may choose another structure and write about ideas yes so they take into consideration such idea while one author has this view on this idea another sir has this view yes and structure your asset according to this an argumentative a-c-c the statement should show me opposition and the supporting points yes points you would use to support your position it is very important that you take a particular side that the most variants are fine yes on both unlike education and conventional education are good enough now you have to write about one thing you have to take an adequate position for example capital punishment should be abolished because and if you’ve three reasons which you will later develop into three parts of your essay.

Online education has become a good alternative to conventional classes because yes and you state the three reasons what made it be compatible a problem and solution and see yes actually this type of paper is what it is called you have a problem and you suggest the best solution to it the abscissa statement should state what solution is best so what you have to indicate if the actual problem you tackle and the actual solution you suggest for example investing in the healthcare of developing nations is the most humane and effective way to tackle overpopulation in this case you see a problem that is our population and structuring your acid you will probably start with it yes you have a problem or population you see you explain why it is a problem yes what is the rate of the problem and then you you’re all the parts maybe different solutions to it for example one of the solutions may be to limit procreation yes as it has been the case in China until recently. Get essay help on Edusson.

Yes to have a rule to have only two children yes or one child but you explained that it is good or bad you explained it it is bad yes because your season statement – just another best solution so structure of your se will be introduction the problem in the first paragraph then one or two or three paragraphs depending on your work account other solutions which are not good and the last paragraph the solution which you recommend and why do you recommend it the next type is a cause and effect a see again it is what it says you have a cause and you have an effect but it actually may start either ways you may have caused for example bullying and you may write about different effects and vice versa you may start with effect and inquire about the causes.